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Welcome to Ch0ices Speak Out

Here’s just a few things some of our clients have to say about Ch0ices Hosting. If you’re a client, and would like your comments added, please contact us with your e-mail address and comments. We’ll list it as soon as possible.


“The service I receive from Ch0ices Hosting is top notch! I have 2 sites hosted with Ch0ices, and wouldn't go anywhere else but with them!!”

Paul's Comp Shop


I started using Ch0ices in August of 2002. They are incredible. My site is always running speedily, my email is always flowing & their support is fantastic. Anytime I have a question I get a response within an hour. There has never been a problem with my site being down without advanced notice from them. And, when the site was down for reasons out of their control there were email notices sent out and postings on their forums to keep me updated. They are truly a class act.

They also have many different hosting plans to fit your needs. I need lots of space & bandwidth; Ch0ices Hosting provides a very reasonably priced Packages that fits most needs. I have five different domain names on that package.

I give Ch0ices Hosting my whole hearted recommendation.”



Just wanted to take the time out to make a few comments on Choices Web Hosting Services.
My site is really good and don't have any problems with it. If the server is gonna experience upgrades or whatever, We get prompt e-mails days in advance and we know when our sites are gonna be down and also for how long.
The host is second to none, Thanks Ch0ices.”
Potter’s Paradice

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